I’m happy to say that my arm is healing well! I’m already able to use my hand, which means I can draw! It’s just a bit painful due to the rotation of the arm but it’s fine.

So I was digging for something cool to add to this blog post, but right now I’m not at home so I have no illustrations. Instead, I want to talk about the inspiration for the title and cover of the comic!

The Quiet Earth

The Quiet Earth is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie from New Zealand. It shows the last few humans in an intact world, after a singularity makes everyone else disappear.

The inspiration goes beyond title and cover, of course. This Quiet Ur is about a Glitchen in a desolate yet intact Ur. However, the comic will follow a very different tone and storyline.

If you like sci-fi and post-apocalyptic fiction, check the movie out!