Hello glitchen and non-glitchen! I’m so glad you’ve found your way to my little webcomic. I hope you enjoy reading it!

As is mentioned in the comics page, this is a fancomic of the late MMO Glitch, some things won’t make sense if you’re not familiar with it. I don’t intend TqU to have a huge reader-base; it’s simply a way for me to get some experience with webcomics and to complete my grieving cycle for the game (who knows, maybe help a few glitchen along the way, too).

I guess this blog will be a mix between comics sketches, Glitch-related things (how many can there be, six months after the end?) and some personal daily stuff. I also created a twitter at @ThisQuietUr, where I’m trying to follow as many glitchen as I can. :)

So to start this blog off well, here are my first color studies for the main character: