Hello peeps!

This last week I decided to be bold and ride my new bicycle. Sure I’m a bit inexperienced with bikes, and a bit terrified of falling, but what’s the worst that can happen, right?

Yeah. Broke my right arm.

And I’m right-handed.

Weeeee~! So that was fun. It was a light fracture though, so just two weeks with an arm sling. I have the next two comics almost done, so I hope there will be no delays in the schedule.

So I can’t draw, but what I CAN do with just the left hand is play the 3DS.

Play Animal Crossing New Leaf.




Enough chatter.

Here are close ups of the last panel of page 3. I put too much detail on it considering how small it ended up on the finished page, but it was fun. It felt very ambitious since I’m not used to drawing backgrounds. I’m quite happy with it.